Monday November 30, 2015
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BSA CelticAt BSA Celtic, we understand that deciding whether to join a select soccer program is a big decision.  Below are some common questions that we hear which we would like to answer.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to e-mail us from the Contact Us page of our site.  Thanks for considering BSA Celtic.


Q.      Is BSA Celtic just for elite players who want to play at the highest levels?
A.      While BSA Celtic has developed players that have played at some of the highest levels, we also understand that players develop at different rates.  Certainly, no one can predict the ultimate development of younger players so that is why we field multiple teams at most age groups to help develop all players of all skill levels at an appropriate competitive level.  In short, we try to have teams that build on any skill level.


Q.    How much of a time commitment is BSA Celtic?
A.    BSA Celtic is a volunteer driven organization – this helps to keep our costs down.  The BSA Celtic does ask for the same time commitment as BSA Rec to clean up and ready the complex in the fall and spring.  In addition, there are two prestigious local tournaments (Haunted Classic in late October and the Creek Classic in May/June) which parents must work a maximum four hour shift – but in exchange, the team entry fee is waived (this is typically @ $45 per child).  We would also hope that you would become involved in your child’s team to help out where needed.


As far as the soccer season, BSA Celtic does not set any requirements regarding the number of training sessions, games, and tournaments.  These are all decisions made by the team coaches who will consult with the parents.  Typically, most teams do 3 events per week – for example, two practices and one game.  If your child is offered a position on a team, you can consult with the coach to see if their training and game philosophy is a good fit.  See a Player’s Right to Choose.


Q.    How expensive is BSA Celtic?
A.    Compared to other select athletic programs, BSA Celtic is a great value.  The exact yearly fees will be listed in the tryout section, but typically you can expect to spend $550 or less per year for a typical team and $750 for highly competitive teams.  This cost includes weekly training sessions with professional trainers, goalie training, free registration for the Haunted Classic and Creek Classic soccer tournaments, use of the irrigated fields of Ankeney Soccer Complex, and league and referee fees. Cost of uniforms, tournaments, travel expenses, and additional paid coaching are extra.


Q.    If my child makes a Celtic team, can they still participate in other sports?
A.    Absolutely!  At BSA Celtic, we encourage kids to do other sports and activities other than soccer, especially in the offseason.  During the season, we would expect that that the Celtic commitment take first priority, but many Celtic kids also play basketball and baseball, do bowling or gymnastics, and participate on many other sports teams and activity groups.  We feel this cross training helps to more fully develop the player physically and makes for a better rounded and happy child.

Q.    My child is younger than the age cut off.  Can they still participate in BSA Celtic?
A.    Yes. While local soccer rules do not allow a player born after August 1, 2005 to participate in select soccer leagues, BSA Celtic does have the Celtic Juniors program which allows these younger kids to receive the same top notch professional training in an academy style approach.  Typically, Celtic Juniors has fall, winter, and spring training sessions each year.  See our link for Celtic Juniors for more information and to sign up.



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