Monday November 30, 2015
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2014 Teams

Welcome to the 2014/2015 BSA Celtic Team listing. 


Below is a listing of the teams and their head coaches,  

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Boys Teams

Boys Teams Age Group Coach
Celtic 06 United U8

Leroy Campbell

Celtic 06 Revolution

U8 Leroy Campbell
Celtic 06 Blue U8 Victor Peden
Celtic 06 Red U8 Jayson Haney
Celtic 05 White U9 Lance Sorensen
Celtic 05 Blue U9 Tim Drake
Celtic 05 Red U9 James Blair
Celtic 05 Green U9 TBA
Celtic 04 White U10 Judi Morrissey and Charlie Houck
Celtic 04 Blue U10 Joe Herrmann
Celtic 04 Red U10 Nidel Jodeh
Celtic 03 White U11 Jason Tackis
Celtic 03 Blue U11 Jeremy Tackis
Celtic 03 Red U11 Sean Johnson
Celtic 03 Green U11 Tony Peh
Celtic 02 White U12 Scott Downing and Dee Vaughn
Celtic 02 Blue U12 Tim Drake
Celtic 02 Red U12 Derek Kuba
Celtic 02 Green U12 Garth Cooke
Celtic 01 White U13 Jake Slemker and Bob Jones
Celtic 01 Blue U13 Charlie Houck
Celtic 01 Red U13 Mike Thomas
Celtic 00 White U14 Corey Griest
Celtic 00 Blue U14 Anthony Smerk
Celtic 00 Red U14 Cheryl McCarter
Celtic 00 Green U14 Ryan Reichley

Girls Teams

Girls Teams Age Group Coach
Celtic 06 White


Mark Balskey
Celtic 06 Blue U8 Darren Inlow
Celtic 05 White  U9 Brian Dortch
Celtic 05 Blue U9 Ben McComas
Celtic 04 White U10 Paul Ulrich
Celtic 04 Blue U10 Lauren Custis
Celtic 04 Red U10 Matt Albert
Celtic 04 Green U10 Cara Hughes/Steve Peden
Celtic 03 White U11 Rick Doyle
Celtic 03 Blue U11 Alicia Staub
Celtic 03 Red U11 Katie Jensen
Celtic 03 Green U11 Rick Doyle
Celtic 02 White U12 Amy Miller
Celtic 02 Blue U12 Katie Felty
Celtic 02 Red U12 Scott Noble
Celtic 01 White U13 Marc Thoma
Celtic 01 Blue U13 Meagan Moran
Celtic 01 Red U13 Dan Castonguay
Celtic 00 White U14 Jeff Popp and Katie Skaleski
Celtic 00 Blue U14 Harold DeLotelle
Celtic 00 Red U14 Scott Rairden






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